Online Bathroom Consultation

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Online Bathroom Consultation

An Online bathroom consultation remodel is a major project. You may need to obtain permits for plumbing, mechanical and electrical changes. This can take anywhere from a few minutes to a day.

Design professionals can recommend cabinet doors, countertops, and other products. They can also select tubs, showers, and other fixtures. They often offer trade-exclusive discounts and a shopping concierge service to order and manage delivery.

What you’ll get

A good bathroom designer will want to understand what you do in your bathroom, how you use it, and why. Then they can help you create a design that will meet those needs. They will ask you for a budget and guide you through product options so that you can achieve the look and functionality you desire.

Independent bathroom designers may charge an hourly rate to cover their time spent working with you on your project. This could include meetings, phone calls, emails, and site visits. Some bathroom designers also require an upfront design retainer or flat fee to get started.

Other designers, such as those at Design/Build firms, are paid through cost-plus or markup. That means the company buys the products at a trade discount and then marks them up for you, much like a retailer. This model helps keep costs low for you while giving the designers a financial incentive to recommend high-performance products and materials.


When choosing an online bathroom design service, it’s important to understand their business model and how much they charge for their services. Generally, they use a “cost-plus” or markup model whereby they buy products and materials at a trade discount and sell them to you at retail price, just like a store does with its t-shirts.

Bathroom designers will often provide you with a list of product costs that include any labor or installation fees. This will help you compare prices and ensure that your final cost won’t go over budget.

Depending on your project, you may also need to pay for building permits or demolition and construction fees. If you’re not familiar with the permitting process, a designer can help you navigate it to save you time and hassle. They can also help you select plumbing and electrical fixtures to avoid costly mistakes and ensure your project runs smoothly. They can also recommend bathroom storage solutions to keep your space clean and organized.


Online bathroom design services offer clients the convenience of professional interior design without stepping foot in their local showroom. However, the success of an online interior design project will depend on several factors. The best service will combine affordability, an easy-to-follow process, and professional guidance.

One of the most popular online interior design services is Decorilla. Clients begin with a free consultation and an interactive questionnaire, then receive two designs from vetted designers. The online interior design service offers a variety of packages, from simple bathroom floor planners to 3D renderings and construction drawings. All plans include revisions, a materials list, and post-design support.

Another option is Kohler’s online bathroom design service. This service allows customers to visualize tricky nooks and incorporate custom storage solutions, like his or her closets or linen closets. Customers also have access to a selection of Kohler products and finishes. The online interior design service can take anywhere from minutes to weeks to complete.


Whether you’re looking to update your guest bathroom with stylish new fixtures or upgrade the master suite to include a freestanding bathtub, the possibilities for your home are endless. But to achieve your dream bathroom, it’s important to start with a well-planned layout.

During the planning process, your designer will ask you questions about who uses the bathroom and what sort of aesthetic you want to create. They may also discuss how long you plan to stay in your home and if you need any features that support aging in place.

Depending on the online bathroom design service you choose, your project could take anywhere from minutes to weeks. Regardless, your designer will clearly communicate an anticipated timeline during the initial planning phase.


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